With influences ranging from Simon & Garfunkel to Alice in Chains, Vona's sound is a mix of alternative rock and folk with occasional Latin undertones. An intelligent blend, Vona's music is dynamic yet simple, with lyrics reflecting a moral conscience.

How We Met

Mark and Will have been playing music together since high school. They lived across the street from each other for years, but it wasn't until their common love of music brought them together that a lasting friendship was formed. Mark managed to wrench Will away from his country music roots to form their own heavy metal contingent. Their group changed in name and in number until Mark's freshman year at Wheaton College. It was there he met Josť, who first found his "in" by borrowing his roommate's bass and substituting when necessary. It wasn't long before Josť made his way to center stage as lead vocalist. Known as Loose Hinge, the group made frequent on-campus appearances, developing a sound that evolved from heavy metal to acoustic/electric.

As the years passed, bassists came and went. In the spring of 2000, Josť convinced a romantic interest to learn a bass line so he could finish writing a song. One song turned into many, and it wasn't long before Nicole was inducted as a permanent member of the group.

Vona is the product of providence, many years of hard work, and talent. A progressive mix with multiple influences, their lyrics capture the mind and their music elevates the soul.

Vona is:
  • José Ibañez, vocals, guitars
  • Mark Levi, guitars
  • Nicole Hubbell, bass
  • Will Garrison, drums
Vona has recently performed at:
  • The Elbo Room, Chicago, Illinois
  • McGee's, Chicago, Illinois
  • Gallery Cabaret, Chicago, Illinois
  • The Prodigal Son, Chicago, Illinois
  • Flatlanders, Lincolnshire, Illinois
  • Curly's, Glen Ellyn, Illinois
  • Slugger's, Orland Park, Illinois
  • The Heart and Soul Cafe, Mount Prospect, Illinois

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